Minimalist Blogging Hacks

I have been blogging for over two months now. My goals with this blog are to create two useful and interesting posts a week, and to maintain anonymity. I have been blogging like a minimalist- I don’t own any electronics, limit my blogging time to 20 minutes a day, and only appear on one form of social media. How does that work, Lady Dividend?

Minimalism is Life

It may not be news that I am now a minimalist.

However, I USED TO appreciate the value of everything, and would keep things forever. I’d use up things I didn’t like so that I could save my “best” stuff. By the time I got around to something I was excited about, the magic was gone. I’d say yes to any social event, no matter the distance from my home or my interest in the people going. In valuing everything, I was really valuing nothing.

When my fiance and I moved in together five years ago, I moved in first and I remembered rushing to unpack everything because I was embarrassed if he found out how much stuff I really had. That extra stuff was the first to go. Hundreds of books, piles of clothing from years ago, extra textiles, were all donated, sold or given away. I went down to 75% of my possessions while my partner watched, aghast, as I earmarked more and more objects to be removed.

I cleaned up my calendar, being selective regarding social events so I could have time to recharge, and cutting ties with friends who were no longer providing a satisfactory relationship. I filled my life with all the things I wanted to do one day- learn the violin, take French lessons, and work on my bucket list. Now, I’m down to so few possessions I don’t give any more away, but I try to optimize where they are kept so they can be enjoyed to the fullest, and when something breaks, I don’t replace it.

Back to Blogging and No Electronics

I used to have a laptop, but in 2014 I spilled an entire glass of water on the keyboard and it never turned on again. I decided not to replace it. Ditto with my e-reader when it went kaput. I used to have a cell phone, but I sold mine as I got used to using my company phone. The only electronic item I own is a rarely used digital camera from 10 years ago.

How does one be a blogger who owns no electronics?

Simple, I borrow other’s. I use either my partner’s or I bring home my work laptop to write a post. I use my workphone to manage social media and to comment on other’s blogs. You can use the library’s computer or blog at work on your work lunches. You really don’t need to own your own laptop or computer to be a blogger.

Limiting Work Time

My personal goal is to work on my blog for 20 minutes a day. That usually turns into 30 as I wrap up a post, or read a really interesting post from another blogger. As a minimalist it’s more important for me to be consistent than to carve out a large chunk of time to work on my blog. Slow and steady!

One Social Media

When I began my blog, I realized I could not do it all on social media. Sometimes when I see other bloggers on Twitter, Instagram, and twitter, I am really impressed that they are able to keep so active. However, I do not want the same for myself, since a large portion of my free time is deliberately screen-free. Early on I decided to focus on Pinterest as my social media platform, encouraged by blogs such as Millennial Boss.

Every day, Pinterest is my only focus while I create my own pins and re-pin other interesting things. My goal is to grow as organically as possible, however I am looking into the use of a pinning system of joining tribes. I’ll report on this in a later post.


So there you have my recipe behind this blog. While I am pushing to grow, in my early stages I’m continuing to write and promote myself in a minimalist fashion. How have you committed to run your blog?


  1. Kayla Sloan

    December 29, 2017 at 9:43 am

    Very interesting article! I especially like the idea of only working on your blog for a set amount each day in order to keep up. Sometimes it can be hard to carve out an hour or so a couple of times a week. But doing it in 20 or 30 minute blocks seems easier. Thanks for the great info!

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