About Lady Dividend

My name is Lady Dividend, and on my birthday, 2025, I will be financially independent. I currently save at least 50% of my income using my Bucket System. I own one rental property, a condo which I bought 4 years ago and will be paid off in order for early retirement to work. I grew up surrounded by successful entrepreneurs, and never turn down the opportunity for a great life hack.

I’m a 32 year old living in Toronto. How do I label myself? Today I’m a vegetarian, boxer, minimalist, violinist, and an insurance claims professional. Tomorrow I might be something else. I was raised by Europeans, who taught me that life was meant to be enjoyed and spent improving yourself. If you’re going to put in the effort to do something, might as well do it as well as possible. Here is my manifesto.

I own stocks, but I’m wary of buying more because I am a modern hippie and I don’t like most of the companies I own. Zero waste, planting trees, compassion for animals, and boycotting polluting industries really gets me excited. I volunteer with organizations which protect the environment, plant trees, raise money for disabled kids, and provide mentorship for inner-city kids. When I retire I am going to put more time into these.

I’m anonymous because I really respect my privacy. I’d rather be poor and unknown that rich and famous. If you have a financial question for me, email is the best way to contact me ([email protected]) .

Join me, Lady Dividend, on my journey in planting seeds with a view to creating dividends and financial excellence. We’ll discuss financial mindset, optimizing the money you spend, financial independence, and lifestyle tips to lead to more satisfaction in life.

The difference between an early retiree and everyone else is in mindset and habits, which can be learned by anyone. New posts most Tuesdays and Thursdays. Meet me here for straight, sensible talk. From one Lady to you.