Thriving on Plants

What drives your life, what gets you going, day after day? Today I was watching Rosemarie Groner’s video on the Work From Home Summit, and I was thinking how much she really loves what she does and her life. Her joy was infectious, and I wondered if there was anything I was that passionate about.

There are a few things; the environment, early retirement, and eating plants.



Yogurt and Cucumber Soup with Pistacio and Rose Petals Sprinkled on top
Iranian Cold Soup


This March will be my one year anniversary of abstaining from meat. Today my diet is very much plant based, as I have also cut out breads and pastas as much as possible. When people hear that I don’t eat meat, the first thing they ask is if I miss it.

Hell no! I have never been healthier and felt better. If anything, I wish that I had made the change earlier.

More Clarity

In my line of work, we get taken out to lunch by various vendors all the time. After one of these binge fests, as a meat eater, I used to come back to work feeling very foggy and groggy. I don’t feel that any more, after these decadent lunches. I feel clarity, all the time. It’s very addictive to always be on your game, and to be focused.

Decrease Grocery Costs

In the past year, everyone’s grocery bill in Canada has gone up. Except ours. In my household, we are now buying primarily loose vegetables, eggs, grains and beans in bulk. We don’t buy meat or any of the add ons to make it taste good (salsa, cheese, BBQ sauce). We also eat primarily organic, and our costs have STILL gone down.

Live to 100

Do vegetarians live longer? The jury is out, but certainly eating primarily nutrient filled, saturated fat free, fiber rich vegetables as much as possible is good for you. Colon cancer runs in my family, and eating meat is something I can do to prevent developing it. That’s great, since one of my bucket list goals is to live to 100.

Get Fit

I have found my endurance and stamina to have improved after adopting a plant based diet. I’ve ramped up my fitness goals and plants are my secret arsenal. Would you rather work out after eating a hearty salad or a steak? Exactly! I’ve become stronger, leaner, and have much more endurance. I’m often the only one racing to the top of the subway steps.

Peace of Mind

This one is hard to explain. I used to feel guilty eating mussels because so many of them had died for my dinner. Ditto for shrimp. I didn’t like certain cuts of meat but felt forced to eat a dish, if said cut was served to me. I see trucks going to the slaughterhouses 15 minutes away for me and feel no guilt. It’s nice to take a lot of the anxiety out of eating.

Here is a typical day of meals for me:

Breakfast: Love Grown Oats and a boiled egg

Snack One: Square of dark chocolate, pea protein powder, or chia seed pudding

Lunch: Mixed vegetables served over rice or baked vegetables (dinner leftovers)

Snack Two: Banana, small salad, stir fry vegetables

Dinner: Fresh slaw, curry or baked sweet potato fries and a salad

When food becomes less about enjoyment and more about fueling your body, keeping you strong, and supporting a healthy immune system, it’s a no brainer to avoid meat products. I’m passionate and actually feel a sense of fulfillment and joy in every day I live this lifestyle. This is one habit I’ll be keeping for a long, long time.


How many plants do you eat in a typical day?


  1. Ms ZiYou

    February 13, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    Hi, I’m a long term vegetarian, and can definitely say it’s miles cheaper to not eat meat.
    Although I do have to admit that I have a bit of a chocolate and cake addition, which isn’t very healthy.

    1. Lady Dividend

      February 14, 2018 at 10:30 am

      Agree! You have to enjoy some things in life, right!? I try to stick to dark chocolate since it’s harder to overeat.

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