Why Pay for a $200 Gym Membership

Equinox gyms. If you check our their Instagram page you’ll see photos of beautiful, fit athletes looking good while getting their burn on, and a healthy dose of motivational quotes.

I conserve my spending whenever I can. Some of my favourite ways to save money are to borrow movies, tv shows and books from the library, order a couple of sides instead of a main course (I’m a vegetarian so I often have to do this anyway), and to forgo big ticket items like a car, house, personal cell phone, and cable.

But I never regretted spending over $200 a month on my Equinox membership. Why not?

  1. Social Influence I don’t know about you, but seeing other insanely fit women in class kicking my ass makes me up my game. We are competitive by nature, and by raising the bar of your competition, you can achieve more.
  2. Ladies Yoga Pants

  3. Networking My expensive gym was too expensive for most people, and the clientele reflected that. I’d often see my Doctor and Miss Universe Canada in my fitness classes. Kanye West wrote about Equinox in his song Highlights. Because I know I’ll never spring for a country club membership or $1000 a plate charity dinners, it was a way for me to rub shoulders with the wealthy.
  4. There is No Price to Good Health No money in the world would compensate for bad wealth. One of my life goals is to live to be 100, and stay healthy. For me to pay $200 a month on achieving that, when others pay the same amount for a car lease, bottle service, or designer purse, is well worth the money spent.

Umm… so Lady Dividend, since you’re crushing on Equinox so hard, how come you’re no longer a member there?


I cancelled my gym membership in the summer of 2017 because I needed to focus on paying off my line of credit, and my gym membership was the only “discretionary” monthly payment left. Now that I have paid off my LOC, once I make it through the Christmas and Holiday seasons and pay off my credit card, I will be rejoining it.

Would you attend a luxe gym?